2016 SHINee Fanmeet in Chicago

     What’s better than aegyo punishments and a rousing game of charades, especially when you get to experience these things with the one and only SHINee? Chicago fans were tremendously honored that SHINee chose their city as their sole fanmeet destination! Shinee’s fanmeet at The Rosemont Theatre on May 8th, 2016 marked their first time performing a solo event in the US. Fans traveled from across the States and even across multiple countries to be a part of this epic event. With pearl aqua balloons and light sticks in hand, thousands of Shawols came together to show their undying support for their favorite K-Pop group.

     SHINee opened up the night with an energetic performance of ‘Everybody’ which showed off their tight choreography and relentless stamina. They then slowed things down with a sweet performance of ‘Hello’ which they asked the crowd to sing along with. Then it was time for some fun as 20 lucky fans took the stage and were paired up with a Shinee member. What ensued next was the craziest game of charades that we’ve ever seen! Each member felt pressured to do their best as the loser would receive an unknown punishment. Taemin opened up the game acting out school supplies which was a breeze for his team to guess. Minho acted out occupations for his team- Minho as a fireman anyone?! Seriously we’d call that guy to put out a fire any day! Jonghyun’s charade category was movies, Key’s was musical instruments, and Onew’s was animals. It was cuteness overload mixed with laughter the entire time! Taemin’s team edged out the others with a 12 point victory; meanwhile Onew and Minho found themselves in a tie for last place. While the punishment was cruel for the boys, the fans couldn’t help but lose it as Onew and Minho did their best aegyo. Key thought their aegyo was helpless but fans considered their attempt to be priceless!

     Then it was back to the music with an all-time SHINee classic, ‘Replay (Noona is So Pretty)’, followed by one of our favorite jams ‘Lucifer’. The boys lit up the stage with their endless charisma and pristine choreography which was impossible to take your eyes off of. SHINee also belted out other fan favorites such as ‘Sherlock’ and ‘View’. As the night came to a close, SHINee reassured fans that they’d be back soon to visit! It was a night that everyone in the crowd would never forget.

     We want to express our sincere gratitude to SM Entertainment and SubKulture Entertainment for making this event possible. As K-Pop continues to gain momentum here in the States, we hope that there will be more events for US K-Pop fans to be a part of.

     Be sure to check out our SHINee fancam here and more photos here!

Get wacky y’all!
-The K-Nerds


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