Kim Tae Woo & So Ho Young 1/2 Concert

     Despite the extreme heat, fans from all over California (hello to the fans who drove from San Francisco!) swarmed to Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino to enjoy a Saturday night concert with K-pop legends, g.o.d! Maknae Kim Taewoo and vocalist Son Hoyoung, along with their special guest and fellow g.o.d member, Danny Ahn, gave us an unforgettable night full of singing, dancing, and laughing.

     The opening of the concert started off with Taewoo and Hoyoung performing a few of g.o.d's songs, which included "Road." After the opening act, they formally introduced themselves as "g2d," and Taewoo left the stage. Hoyoung began his solo performance and sang around six songs, including past OSTs as well as songs from his mini album "May, I," such as title song "My Weak Point." Along with his incredible high notes and flawless vocals for all of his ballad songs, he was also able to showcase his amazing dancing with a mini dance-break, leaving the crowd wishing for more. After his final song, "Diamond Lady," Hoyoung went backstage to prepare for the concert finale while Kim Taewoo came to stage.

     Taewoo's performance was full of stunning vocals, and even more amazing fan service. He politely thanked the older fans in the crowd for coming, and joked around with the younger crowd, leaving no one out. Taewoo also made friends with a few fans, Brian and David, in the crowd, referring to them as gangsters for their loud screaming and facial expressions. He even remembered to mention them throughout the night, making sure they would stay calm and not "scream like gangsters" during his ballad performances. Accompanied with just a saxophone and piano, Taewoo also gave us a bit of an impromptu performance, making up silly lyrics (and making sure to include Brian in the song) as he went. The father of three also invited a fan, Jaie, to the stage to serenade her with a sweet song, and dance on stage with her. Following his serenade, Taewoo sang two more songs before the stage went black.

    Before the beginning notes of their debut song, "To Mother," the screams of "g.o.d! g.o.d! g.o.d!" were deafening as two familiar silhouettes making their way to join Taewoo on stage. After their heartwarming performance, Taewoo and Hoyoung introduced their special guest, Danny Ahn, and re-introduced themselves as "g3d." The chemistry between the three of them was extremely obvious, with them joking around and talking on stage about little things such as eating In-N-Out, introducing fans Brian and David to Danny, and teasing maknae Taewoo endlessly. The trio sang some of g.o.d's biggest hit songs, including "Lies," "Friday Night," and "One Candle," before saying goodbye to the crowd.

    The seventeen year old veteran group were truly able to showcase their talents and hit us with an overdose of feels (acronym reference, anyone?) with this concert, and we are incredibly grateful to Tune Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to attend. Don't forget to check out the photos from the concert on our Facebook page here!


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