Got7- 'Fly in USA- Chicago' Concert Recap


     If you thought the love for k-pop was petering out, then we’re afraid to say you’re most certainly wrong! Even on a holiday weekend, Got7 managed to sell out their Chicago concert, one of five stops on their ‘Fly in USA 1st Concert Tour’ managed by SubKulture Entertainment. Fans from across the US and even from across the globe arrived hours before the event to queue up in hopes up seeing the boys arrive at the venue. It was one of the most energetic and sizable crowds that we’ve seen at any k-pop event.

     Once concertgoers entered the theatre and found their seats, they were treated to a tricked out light show in tandem with funked out remixes of Got7’s most notable tracks. Piercing screams and the occasional sob were heard as the septet leaped on stage greeting Chicago fans with their song ‘Put Them Up’. From the very start the boys took over MCing the show sans a translator. In addition, the crowd found out at the start that member Youngjae was sick and had saved his voice all day in order to give it his all during the concert.

     Amidst the over two hour show there were many memorable moments, most notably the special stages performed by certain member pairings. JB enchanted the crowd with his soothing voice while Youngjae accompanied him playing the piano and adding a beautiful harmonization to their song ‘1:31 AM’. Then it was time for Mark and JR to spice things up with an uptempo dance track ‘Higher’ which included some insane footwork. Finally the kings, Jackson, BamBam, and Yugyeom, entered the stage on thrones to crunkify the night with their trap-inspired club track ‘We Only Live Once’.

     No K-pop concert is official without some serious hip thrusts and body rolls. BamBam was the one that really heated up the night with his ‘sexy dance’ which included a serious hipthrust/crotch grab. The crowd went insane upon seeing this and BamBam had to explain that it was okay for him to do this since he is 20. We agree, it was definitely okay! ;) When it was about time for the concert to begin wrapping up, Got7 surprised everyone by sneaking in the back and walking down the aisles to greet their fans.

     The epicness of the night never ceased to fade even as the boys took the stage for their final two songs, a remix of ‘Fly’ and ‘Before the Full Moon Rises’. Brimming with emotion and gratitude for their fans, Got7 reluctantly said their goodbyes to the crowd while stopping to snap pictures with the lucky fans seated in the first row. It was another fabulous k-pop event; one that will remain in our memories forever.

 Thanks again to JYP Entertainment and SubKulture Entertainment for making this event possible.

Click here for more pictures from the event and check out below for video coverage.

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