Got7 "FLY in USA" - Atlanta Recap

     GOT7 just held their first ever US Tour and, we were so glad that Atlanta could be a part of it. It's exciting to know that ATL is slowly but surely gaining more attention as a tour stop for kpop concerts. As we don't actually live in Atlanta (we live about 2 and a half hours away), we wanted to get to the venue as soon as we could to make sure traffic wouldn't be an issue. Luckily, we made it with about three hours before showtime. We drove around the venue and there was, of course, already a line for merch pick up and for wrist band check in. As we still had time to spare, we drove around close to the venue to refresh and meet up with friends before going back.

     We went back to the venue around 6:00pm waiting to check in. The lines were so crazy it was hard to tell where it began, where it ended, if it was even a line, etc, but it was so nice to see all of the fans gathered together in excitement even though it was scorching hot. At about 6:30pm, they started to let everyone inside. We were a bit confused on how to check in as it was our first time as media press but thanks to the helpful Subkulture Entertainment staff (Ruding and Ellen) we were able to check in successfully. With about an hour before showtime, we roamed around inside for a bit. There were crowds lined up for merch sales, pick up and concession. Then at about 7:15pm, staff took us inside to our designated area and the waiting game began.

     From where we were standing, you could see all of the audience pretty well and it was a pretty good view. The green light sticks (official fanclub and concert merch) were such a nice sight to see as fans were gearing up for the concert to start. They played a few of GOT7's songs before the lights dimmed down and the screaming began. An intro video of the members played on the screen, but there was a slight disappointment when "FLY IN NEW YORK" was shown at the end. It's all good though! Then the dancers came out and got the crowd going. Finally, GOT7 came out in matching silver sequined jackets! The first song that they sang was "손들어Put Them Up" then immediately after they sang "볼륨을올려줘Turn Up the Music" then their debut song "Girls Girls Girls". I guess the venue staff didn't really know about media press because they kept coming up to us asking us to stop recording, so we had to show them our badges but other than that it was pretty amazing.

     After performing “Girls Girls Girls”, the guys took a short break to say "WHAT'S UP ATLANTA!!!" and then proceeded to sing "Back To Me" with "A" following right after. We were in our regular seats by the time "Magnetic" started. Then the members took a break to actually introduce themselves and stated that it was their first time in Atlanta. They all sang (or yelled into the mic, lol) how they were feeling. We thought there was something wrong with Youngjae as he was making faces on stage but it just turned out that he hit his teeth on his mic (poor thing xD). They talked about the concept for the concert, which is to "FLY" around the world to meet their fans. BamBam talked about the places that they visited, notably Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles and the Georgia Aquarium. He said that they found Dory and Nemo (lol). Fans were screaming for BamBam to dab, but he said that it was too early to dab. He ended up dabbing anyway.

     After the talk, they slowed things down a bit with "이.별To. Star/This Star", "Playground" and "못하겠어Can't" while seated, then performed ”난니가좋아I Like You" after. The next few stages were such a pleasant surprise because they were split into different units. The first unit was JB and Youngjae. A short video clip of the two was shown before the guys came out on stage. They were sitting on a platform back to back with Youngjae playing the piano. The song that they sang was a beautiful ballad called "1:31AM". The next unit was Mark and Jr. A video of the two was also shown and the two came out in a bright blue (Jr.) and a bright pink (Mark) suit. The song that they sang was an upbeat dance song called "Higher". Then the last unit was Yugyeom, BamBam and Jackson. Again, there was a video of the three and then they came out sitting on thrones singing an R&B styled song called "I Love It". After, they sang a hard-hitting hip hop song called "WOLO (We Only Live Once)".

     After the unit stages, the guys took turns to talk about each of the songs. JB and Youngjae's song was made around the time of 1:31AM while they were in Japan, hence the song title. Mark and Jr. wanted something different so they went with for an upbeat song. Jr. said that the song is called "Higher" because "they want to go more high with IGOT7". Then Yugyeom, BamBam and Jackson (or swag team as Mark called them) beatboxed to their songs while making Yugyeom dance. They explained that their song "WOLO" is about just enjoying everyday of your life. They said that they want to copyright "WOLO", lol. Then they start talking about "Fly" and how they got first place for it because of fans' support. A short video concept played after the talk and then they came back out to sing "Fly".

     After, they performed "Home Run", "빛이나See the Light" and "딱좋아Just Right”, then it was another talk right after the performances. They all agreed that Atlanta was hot and especially hot inside the venue and BamBam started to take off some clothes which made the fans go crazy, wanting him to remove more but BamBam says that he can't because he has no abs xD. Jackson then talked about how his favorite song is "Home Run" but he also really likes "못하겠어Can't". He said that it was produced by Jr. and then proceeded to make Jr. dance to it. He also explained that JB produced "Home Run" and made him dance the chorus part of the song. He explained that BamBam wrote his rap in "빛이나See the Light" and, of course, wanted him to rap it. He did so, with a little bit of audience participation as well. The other members then wanted Jackson to dance to "Fly" but he wanted someone to beatbox for him. They asked people in the audience if they knew how to beatbox and people eagerly raised their hands. They "interviewed" a fan named Cathy and she beatboxed for them, which BamBam called it awkward (so straightforward! xD). Jackson then made a beat for her to copy and she beatboxed while Jackson did the beginning part of the dance to “Fly”. They later made Jackson dance again to “Fly,” but this time he did the floor part of the dance, which made all the fangirls go crazy. BamBam then said "Ok you guys can think about Jackson all night!" (OMG!!! XD) Mark said that he was sad because they were getting into the last part of the concert, and they all stated that they wanted to start the concert all over again. After the talk, they started to perform "Rewind" followed by "하지하지마Stop Stop It" and then "니가하면If You Do".

     The boys left the stage while a video mission popped up on the screen. This was also a nice and fun surprise with audience participation. It was a game called "Spin the Roulette with GOT7". There were cameras that picked someone from the audience to play the game. Basically, there were about four songs on a spinning board and whatever song it landed on the person that was picked would have to dance a bit of the choreography of the song. The songs that the audience members danced to were "If You Do", "Home Run" and "Just Right". All three of the fans were shocked that they got picked, but they all danced happily along to the songs and really enjoyed themselves.

     Then a little sing-a-long started with the whole audience singing to the tune of "고백송Confession Song". There were words on the screen in karaoke which said "I LOVE YOU GOT7! I LOVE YOU GOT7!" The guys then came back out into the lower part of the crowd, walking throughout the aisles and greeting fans. They sang part of the song as they went back up on stage and then sang "매일Everyday" before doing their final last talk.

     Each member gave their thank yous and expressed their gratitude for all the fans and their support, and they promised to come back to ATL. Mark said that we were the loudest audience out of all the shows. Jackson said to "always be healthy, never let the negative energy affect you and to always believe in yourself". JB spoke a little in English but spoke Korean after, while someone backstage translated for him. They mentioned again how ATL and its people were so hot. BamBam expressed "I think I'm in love with ATL right now!" and that maybe he'll come back for another concert or even for vacation. Jackson teased to put our addresses in the fan letter box so that they'll visit us. BamBam said to don't be afraid to be yourself and said how he could care less for the haters. Jr. mentioned about the aquarium with "beautiful fish" and the concert with "beautiful IGOT7". He also said,"Never forget until we come back, don't look at any other artists!" Youngjae spoke very little english thanking all the fans for coming out to the concert. After all the talks, it was time for a group picture. They wanted us to do one regular picture and then one of all us dabbing (which was of course BamBam’s idea lol).

     At the end of the concert, they sang "Follow Me", "Bounce", "Fly Remix" and "보름달이뜨기전에Before the Full Moon Rises", giving it their all till the very end. As they were saying their final goodbyes, it seemed like they really didn't want the concert to end as they stayed up on stage for a while waving at the crowd for one last time. As an extra bonus, Jackson and BamBam flashed a little bit of abs and then BamBam and JB did a dab pose while running across the stage.

     We think we can clearly say that this concert was one of the best kpop concerts we have ever been to, definitely in the top 3. The boys were so engaging and entertaining throughout the whole concert and their performances were all amazing that it left everyone wanting more. We really do hope that GOT7 considers coming back to Atlanta and if they do, we will gladly welcome them back with open arms. Or welcome them with a dab, lol.

     Thanks again to JYP Entertainment and SubKulture Entertainment for making this event possible, and be sure to check out our photo coverage here and the video below. ^_^


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