Fan Report: Taeyang's Music Experiment

This is Ian reporting to you with a concert review from Therese V. (San Francisco, CA), a lucky fan chosen to attend Taeyang’s Music Experiment Concert. I was not able to attend the concert, but I was able to reach out to some of the fans.

Q: How did you win tickets to his show?

A: I won tickets to the Taeyang Music Experiment concert by participating in the daily challenges, where you would use social media sites to win tickets. The challenge I won was “Design a Music Experiment 2.0 logo”, since I earned 270 likes on it on Instragram (see attachments). Getting that many likes on Instagram was exhausting and I spent so much time in trying to get people to like my photo. I literally texted everyone on my cell phone, messaged all my friends on Facebook, and asked other Music Experiment participants to like my photo. I am SO thankful to all my friends and other Taeyang fans that helped me win tickets!

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Q: Is Taeyang your bias or do you love Big Bang equally?

A: YES, I am both a Taeyang and BIGBANG fan! The first KPOP song I ever listened to was “Wedding Dress” by Taeyang in 2009. However, it was just early last year when I actually got into KPOP, and BIGBANG was actually one of the first KPOP groups I was introduced to. I love their sound and how unique they are. I even went to the BIGBANG concert last year in Anaheim and that concert officially solidified me as VIP! Taeyang and the other group members of BIGBANG are such talented artists and performers!

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Q: How was the atmosphere at the concert?

A: The concert was held at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco, and the venue was small and the atmosphere at the concert was very intimate, since those who won tickets and their guests were the only ones who could attend the concert. The opening act was Choice37, who is one of the YG Entertainment’s producers. Choice definitely set the atmosphere for the concert and got everyone hyped by playing BIGBANG and 2NE1 songs! It felt like a KPOP night club. The atmosphere just intensified with Taeyang’s presence on stage with all his swag and energy! I also thought that the live band also set the mood.

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Q: How was his live performance?

A: Taeyang’s performance was amazing! He really knows how to work the stage and interact with his fans. With every BIGBANG or any YG artist performance, it will never disappoint you and you’ll find yourself enjoying every single moment of it. They are true entertainers.

Q: Was the audience receptive to his stage presence? (Fan appreciation)

A: Of course! I believe the KPOP fans are one of the biggest fandoms in the world. KPOP fans are so loyal and passionate about their favorite KPOP groups, and I think this is what separates KPOP fans from U.S. mainstream music fans. Everyone was screaming their lungs out for him, singing and dancing along, holding fan signs, and waving their BIGBANG VIP light sticks to the music.

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Q: What song was your favorite performance?

A: Gosh, this is a tough question! I loved each performance. Taeyang performed his solo songs: “Superstar”, “Break Down”, “I Need A Girl”, “1 AM” (unreleased song, which might be his new single), “Ringa Linga”, and “Wedding Dress”. He also sang some BIGBANG songs: “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”. But I guess I’ll have to narrow it down haha. I’ll choose his new single “Ringa Linga” as my favorite performance of the night, because that song got me the most hyped! I really grew to love that song!

Q: Do you think KPOP in the US has hit a plateau or will continue to rise?

A: I read an article that YG entertainment recently reported that multiple US record labels were seeking out Taeyang to debut in the United States. There has been already so much exposure and attention to KPOP in the United States from Wonder Girls’ Nobody and Psy’s Gangnam Style. Then there already have been collaborations of KPOP groups with American artists/performers/producers such as 2NE1 & Will.I.Am, G-Dragon with Missy Elliot and Diplo, and BIGBANG working with the choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson, on their Alive Tour. So I really think KPOP will only continue to rise and become more and more popular in the United States. I honestly believe that KPOP can appeal to everyone, since there are so many KPOP groups and different genres of KPOP songs. There will be that one group that is for you. Anyone will like KPOP if they give it a chance and explore it. Language has always been pointed as a barrier and some of my friends ask: “Do you even know what they are saying?” But to me, language is not a barrier. Music is universal no matter what language it is in. Just listen to the beat and you’ll know what the song is about. Also, I think KPOP will continue to rise, since there are so many fans out here and the number of fans are growing with this continued exposure! For example, the BIGBANG concerts in New Jersey and Los Angeles both sold out within a matter of minutes and they had to open up a second concert date. In addition, more and more KPOP groups are coming to the US for their tours. I am so excited to see how KPOP will blossom here in the United States!

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I would like to thank Therese V. for sharing her experience and thoughts. Watch out for more concert reviews from fans like yourself! Catch MissA on What's Up Wednesdays for her experience on Taeyang's Music Experiment and other kpop related news!

[Images are compliments of Therese V.]


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