Aewen's Corner: Shirosky Interview

     Hello Aewen Listeners! This month's Aewen's Corner is with the jazz hip-hop producer Shirosky. Shirosky, whose name is Yoon Ha Yan, is no lightweight when it comes to producing music. Her last album, La Lecture, was met with many praises. The busy producer sat down with me to answer a few questions about how she navigates producing music in a genre that is dominated by males.

DJ Ssam: I am very familiar with your work, but I want the listeners and new fans to know who you are in your own words.

Shirosky: Hello! I’m Shirosky, a jazz hip hop producer and DJ.

DJ Ssam: How did you get started in this industry?

Shirosky: Since my dad was a former actor, I had many chances to come across the pop culture. Also, growing up watching artists such as Hyun Jin Young, Deux, Solid, etc at the age of 4~5, I fell in love with black music and started dreaming of becoming a musician. Following on, my interest in the beat-making area sparked, and I self-taught myself hip-hop music production through a demo production program during my second year of junior high school.

DJ Ssam: How does your music differ from when you first started out to now?

Shirosky: During my early debut days, I produced a lot of music using sampling, but I started using more of my own sound as I progressed forward, especially since I started doing activities as a DJ, I added more of electronic elements and sounds not only related to jazz hip-hop, but also lounge, disco and deep house.

DJ Ssam: As a female in a male dominated industry, how do you stand out without losing your femininity?

Shirosky: To be honest, I never felt any significant difference between being a man or a woman when it comes to producing music. Other than laughing, interacting, sharing abilities between musicians and collaborating together, I don’t think there are any special ways to achieve this.

DJ Ssam: If you could choose one of your songs for international fans to hear first, which one would it be and why?

Shirosky: I would like to choose Empyrean, which is a song I collaborated with MYK. The music video was pretty, and it expressed Korea’s 2015 road very well. The sound I opt for, and the lyrics and melody SALTNPAPER wrote for me blended in harmoniously in terms of musical aspects, so it’s one of my favorite songs among what I've released.

DJ Ssam: Are there any artists that you would like to work with, domestically and internationally?

Shirosky: Recently, I've been enjoying BTS’ Suga’s voice. I think he’s an incredibly talented musician.

DJ: Ssam: Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Shirosky: It’s been 6 years since I’ve debuted, and I was able to continue producing music all thanks to my fans that consistently cheered, waited and supported me all along, despite the many things that happened inbetween. They've given me great strength as to who ‘I’ am personally, not just Shirosky. La Lecture is an album I dedicate to my fans. With all the people who know me and who will get to know me, I want to stay together and support each other to make these moments beautiful and meaningful!

Thanks to Shirosky for granting me this interview. I look forward to hearing a lot of great music from her. To find out more about Shirosky, follow her on social media here. Also be sure to check out her music video for 'Empyrean' featuring MYK below.


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