Aewen's Corner: Interview with Detempo

     Hello, Aewen Radio Listeners! This month’s interview for Aewen’s Corner is with Korean rapper, composer, and lyricist, Detempo (디템포). Detempo is no stranger to the music scene and has worked with artists like Kim Naehyun of Rock and Roll Radio. Read on to find out how he got into hip-hop and what his latest album will be like.

DJ Ssam: Your name is pretty unique. Tell me more about it and how you came up with it?

Detempo: I used a different name before, but changed it when I started learning to compose music. Since the tune is the tempo of the song, I decided to go with Detempo.

DJ Ssam: What attracted you to hip-hop and inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

Detempo: When I was young, ballads were very popular. But, I liked rap because they were speaking fast. Then, I started listening to hip-hop music. I found humor in life and in stories about people’s lives. That’s how I make my music.

DJ Ssam: What other artists, foreign or domestic, would you like to collaborate with?

Detempo: SNSD’s Taeyeon and Bruno Mars. If he sees this video, call me!

DJ Ssam: You’re no rookie to the K-Hip Hop scene. This is your 11th release. What’s different about Detempo from the first release compared to now?

Detempo: Veteran is too much for me. My first album was very lacking. I learned step by step. I am learning more and getting better. The parts that I didn’t do well before, I am making up for it now.

DJ Ssam: What can fans expect from you in the future?

Detempo: I plan to release many new songs. I was busy with something else in the past, but now I'm doing my music. On February 16th, my single Plymus was released. After that, I'm preparing for my album release so please wait for it. I don’t have any plans for a concert, but I am focused on the album and single right now.

     Check out the full interview video below to find out what Detempo likes to do when he’s not recording, and what he thinks about the growing popularity of Korean hip-hop in the States. Thanks to Detempo for this interview!



You can also listen to his latest song, 이불아미안해, featuring 태니 here.

Keep up with Detempo by following him on Twitter @ddole9!


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