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     Musicians are artists. They create something that paints a certain image in your mind that can affect you in a million ways and sometimes stick with you forever. Most of the time, these artists are put above the rest; put above every day people, but in actuality they are about as normal and down to Earth as you and I are. Nevertheless, these people deserve a massive amount of respect for what they contribute to our society. 

     I had the privilege to interview one such artist. This man is a producer, a CEO, a lyricist, and possibly one of the most relaxed individuals I have interviewed to this date. This man is none other than KHip-Hop artist L.E.O or Leo Kekoa. During our interview I had the chance to pick his brain over topics like music, business, life, and pretty much anything else that popped into my brain.

     With that said, I give you my interview with Leo Kekoa. Enjoy.



DJ KLegend: Our listener base hasn’t heard much about you, maybe only a handful only really know who you are. So please, for everyone who doesn’t know, tell us about yourself.
Leo: I go by the name of Leo Kekoa and I've been rappin' since 97.

DJ KLegend: How many languages do you speak?
Leo: I speak Korean and English

DJ KLegend: When you were younger what did you think of school? Love it? Hate it?
Leo: I hate myself for hating school.

DJ KLegend: Besides the obvious of a talented musician and artist, do you have any other special talents?
Leo: Basketball and games

DJ KLegend: Tell us a little a bit about Touchdown Records. Like how long has it been around and can you reveal any artists that you have currently under your label? Why create Touchdown Records? How did it come to be?
Leo: Touchdown was made last year August. Under our label we got Together Brothers (Zizo n BK block), Carry Diamond , Kiz K, and Dyno. Having your own label is every rappers dream, when the time is right. Time wasn't perfect but I stepped up and took it. Plus I was getting tired of companies telling me what songs to make. I wanted to do me, before I get older. Zizo from Together Brothers entered the nation wide TV show 'Show Me The Money' and came in second place last week. Never heard of him? Check him out. He is raw, sick talent.

DJ KLegend: Why did you decide to get into the music industry?
Leo: I grew up in the projects so it was either music or gang banging. I chose music.

DJ KLegend: How long does it take for you to create a song? Ever get writer's block? If so, what do you do to cure it?
Leo: If I'm feeling the song it won't take me longer than an hour for me to finish up a song. Coming up with what we’re going to write about, that could take weeks.

DJ KLegend: What are some of your long term goals for the future at the moment?
Leo: Having a daughter. That’s my goal at this moment.

DJ KLegend: If you had the chance, what deceased artist would you want to do a collaboration with? What would you call the song?
Leo: I was a huge fan of Bob Marley growing up. Just thinking about the collaboration with him gives me chills. I'd name the song 'No Woman Still Cry'. *laughs*

DJ KLegend: When you aren't busy with work what do you like to do in your spare time?
Leo: I go surfing, play basketball, play some online games, drink coffee...

DJ KLegend: What does your family think about you and your music career? Are they supportive? Were they 'gung-ho' about you wanting to pursue music?
Leo: Well... they are supportive now haha.

DJ KLegend: Are there any places you would like to travel to that you haven’t been already?
Leo: Egypt, Alaska, and last, North Korea.

DJ KLegend: What's currently playing on your iPod/mp3 player? Have any secret types of music that you like listening to? I secretly enjoy singing songs from Disney movies haha.
Leo: I'm in Philly right now so Meek Mills!!! I listen to a lot of Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar's work as well. Secretly, huh? I love 2NE1 and Wonder Girls. Yes, I sing in the car by myself from time to time.

DJ KLegend: What do you think about the current trend of K-pop growing outside South Korea? Would you ever release an all English album?
Leo: If I get the chance, and I mean the RIGHT chance, I would love to make an English album. As for K-pop, I'm kinda surprised for all the love we get. Thank you.

DJ KLegend: How often do you get to perform live? Is there anything special you do before a show?
Leo: I'm in the states working on my 5th LP so I didn't do any shows for the last three months. When I'm in Korea, it's every weekend.

DJ KLegend: Could you see yourself doing anything else besides music for a job?
Leo: Yes, aviation work. I want to be pilot or mechanic. I love planes; it gave me hope when I was growing up. I'm thinkin’ about going back to school after this album.

DJ KLegend: I know that you travel between the states and Korea a lot. With that long plane ride, how do you occupy your time? Can you recommend any good movies to watch? The Man with The Iron Fists was a good take on old school Kung-Fu movies. What kinds of movies do you like watching? Do you have a favorite you enjoy rewatching?
Leo: I'm into unrealistic movies. Troy, 300, Lord of the Rings, I kinda like to leave reality for a second. Ha Jung Woo, all his movies are bad. Watch it!

DJ KLegend: Lastly, I'm going to give you a word and I want you to tell me the first thing that pops into your mind when I say that word.
DJ KLegend: Coffee
Leo: Americano.
DJ KLegend: Shower
Leo: With a girl.
DJ KLegend: Tabasco
Leo: Not hot.
DJ KLegend: Music
Leo: My life.
DJ KLegend: K-Pop
Leo: No comment.
DJ KLegend: Rain
Leo: Where is he?
DJ KLegend: Achoo
Leo: What?????
DJ KLegend: Grill
Leo: ATL
DJ KLegend: Hoodie
Leo: Got mine.
DJ KLegend: Records
Leo: On my last one.
DJ KLegend: Females
Leo: =)

Selected questions from our listeners:
James: Where do you get your inspiration for your music? What or who inspired you to get into hip-hop?

Leo: Wassup James! Well, I try to write about what I go through. Good movies give me the inspiration to work and good albums give me even more inspiration. Bob Marley and NWA. My favorite rapper of all time is Q Tip.

Linda: Hi Leo! I just found out about your music after seeing the post on aewen radio and I really like it. I would like to ask you what your future plans are and if you’re planning on performing on music shows again?
Leo: Hi Linda! I am currently on my 5th album but I will drop 2 more singles before my album comes out. You can follow me on Twitter, I'll keep y'all posted.

Gabriel: Greetings from Brazil Leo KeKoa! I am really into hip-hop and am glad I could listen to your music. I like it because the lyrics to your songs are so very meaningful. May I ask if you will have performances outside Korea? Also what are your plans for future releases?
Leo: Wassup Gabriel! This month I will release my new single and next year I'm thinking about doing shows outside of Korea.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Leo, and the best of luck to you and your music. I can safely say that all of us here at Aewen Radio look forward to more amazing songs from you.

For the latest on Leo, be sure to follow him on:

His Company - Twitter.com/touchdownkorea


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