Gettin' Jjigae With It - SHOW 10


Hoooolllyyy cow!  10 shows already??!  Time sure flies!

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in with me all this time and hello to the new listeners :]!


If you missed the first airing of Gettin' Jjigae With It [Show 10] on Thursday [Feb 26th] be sure to catch the Sunday rerun on March 1st @ 12:00PST!


You'll be getting a spotlight on a K-Indie group called "Papercut Project", my MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT with Kim Hyun Joong, exciting news about BTS's Rap Monster and MFBTY, and a little talk about Se7en!



K-Indie Playlist

  • "A Little Lovin' " ~ eSNa
  • "It's Rain" ~ AdultChild
  • "Today the Atmosphere" ~ Papercut Project


K-Pop Playlist

  • "Beautiful" ~ Amber
  • "Love Equation" ~ VIXX
  • "Crazy"  ~ 4Minute


K-Rap/Rnb Playlist

  • "Weather Report" ~ Hip Job
  • "Wake Up" ~ Sam
  • "Psychic" ~ Richard Parkers


X-Tras Playlist

  • "Fantastic Hazard [vocal Vanilla Man of Vanilla Acoustic]" ~ Soul Paper
  • "It's Perfect [ft. Park Shin Hye]" ~ SaltnPaper
  • "Love is Always Hungery" ~ IcyCider

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