Seoul Mates' Hangout with KSpazzing


To all fellow Aewen listeners, we have a very special show coming up next Thursday! Our lovely DJs, Susan and Olivia from Seoul Mates, got an exclusive interview with the comedic Raphael and Sabrina from KSpazzing!

For those who are not familiar with KSpazzing, the duo is known for making hilarious kpop reaction videos and having impeccable chemistry together. They already have over 70,000 subscribers on their channel and counting! If you have yet to watch one of their reactions, go watch one now! (

If you want to know more about Raphael and Sabrina, make sure to tune in Thursday, February 12th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST on Aewen Radio. You will get a closer look at this adorable duo as they discuss with us how they met, how they got into KPop, their all-time favorite music video to react to, and much more!

Make sure to follow KSpazzing on all their social media sites!



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